About Us

Bossy Game is a collaborative, collective resource for designers and developers of tabletop board games. Currently, in production is “Captains and Curses”, a pirate-themed, sandbox, strategy optimization game with a variety of mechanics played out over land and sea, coming to market in early 2019.

Bossy Games, being a collective of tabletop board game designers and developers, wishes to collaborate to bring great games to market. We like to play games and we like to bring creative ideas for games to life. We are always looking for kindred spirits and want to add more fledgling designers to the Bossy Games herd.

Keith E. Winston has been a board game enthusiast since childhood. He is the lead game designer and creative influence within this Kansas City-based company. He has a Master’s Degree in Education from Rockhurst College and started his first business over ten years ago as a personal trainer and wellness coach. He has been a student of martial arts for nine years. The newly revitalized urban core of Kansas City is home.

Email us at UddersUp@gmail.com.

Keith Winston